How to get hosting customers and how to get customers online!

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Here are some ways to get hosting customers to your website:

1. Quality Hosting - No down time.
2. Free advertising.
3. Posting to web hosting forums and related forums that allow hosting offers.
4. Show people / customers that you are going to be in business a long time eg: extend your domain / domains for a few years - the longer the better!
5. Run special offers - Discount coupons etc.
6. You could offer free hosting - though this may take to much of your time but it is a option.
7. Advertise locally

8. Network with web designers

9. Targeted PPC
10. Be creative an try to be original.
11. Have an affiliate campaign so people can sign up and promote your services / products.
12. Google - Facebook  Ads.
13. Make sure your website it mobile / responsive.
14. Provide good support.
15. Monitor for abuse 24/7 if your server has abusers other users will most likely have a bad experience and you will lose customers and money.

More tips:

A high quality and easy to look at and understand website.

Find your target Group / Niche

Participation in forums be a active member and be helpful.

The most important one would be:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing eg: Facebook / Twitter

Listing your website in directories.

Sponsoring other websites by hosting them for free.

Encourage your customers / users to give you reviews by placing a review link on your site.

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