The Importance of Secure and Reliable Hosting

The Importance of Secure and Reliable Hosting

Suppose while making a payment to your vendor the server goes offline or
worse yet while receiving a payment? Maybe a potential client is
considering signing up for your services and suddenly the website stops
responding. Have you ever given a thought to how it would impact a

Secure and reliable web hosting could mean the difference between
getting a lead and leading visitors away from your website. A reputable
web hosting service can save you from sleepless nights and possibly
great loss. These days hackers are coming up with innovative ways to
bypass security measures, giving website owners all the more reason to
sign up with a web hosting company that stays ahead of this dire
situation by improving their own security measures. It’s a very simple
formula; customers will only trust a website that proactively takes
preventive measures to secure their personal details.

It’s essential to keep in mind that most internet users are not tech
savvy, so they cannot differentiate between the most common issues and
major threats. Due to this lack of understanding, even a minor issue can
seem like a huge red light for most. This not only results in loss of
potential customers but takes a toll on your credibility as well.

While hosting, ignorance isn’t bliss..beware the risks

Using a Virtual Private Server or shared hosting makes your servers
vulnerable to attacks by hackers who upload malware and other malicious
code onto your website. Customers that have uploaded their financial or
personal data onto your website can face identity theft and have their
bank account details stolen.

Hackers even carry out spam attacks through servers that belong to other
people. And in cases like this, email providers blacklist the company's
DNS servers, that blocks email communications, making the account
useless for most customers. Loopholes in security also makes your
website susceptible to an attack known as Distributed Denial of Service
attack a.k.a DDoS, through which hackers seize control of servers and
use it as a front to attack more servers rendering them useless.

Safe and secure hosting

Reputable and dependable web hosting companies stay up to date on the
latest security treats, patch up exploitable loopholes, and proactively
fend off hackers. This not only protects you from the threats mentioned
above but also keeps the server running like clockwork, and just by
association to a reputable hosting you gain invaluable credibility at
the same time.

A secure web hosting service plays a major role in protecting your
customers from theft of personal data and bank details. If you own an
ecommerce website, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the
hosting company is providing a secure infrastructure for their own
servers as well as supplying the tools and security solutions necessary
to secure your website.

In conclusion, make an informed decision when selecting a hosting
service. Research each hosting provider thoroughly; check the reviews,
reputation and, most importantly customer feedback. Existing customers
can prove to be a valuable source of information and insight into the
practices of a service provider helping you make up your mind.
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