Webuzo Install with ease - tutorial how to install webuzo free web panel

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Requirements for webuzo free vps and dedciated server website panel:
CentOS / Ubuntu – Webuzo can be installed on CentOS or Ubuntu (minimal installation)

( If you are using Virtualizor vps panel you can install webuzo with just 1 click! )

Manual Install Steps :

You may want to apply some updates before you start installing webuzu

 (  yum update ) or ( apt-get update )

1) Download the installer to your server :

ROOT > wget -N http://files.webuzo.com/install.sh

Other Downloads : http://webuzo.com/downloads

2) Change the permissions to the file to make it executable (0755)

ROOT > chmod 0755 install.sh

3) Run the Webuzo Installer

ROOT > ./install.sh

Webuzo Install

The Installer will provide further instructions to get started with your Webuzo Control Panel.

Wait for a while it may seem like nothing is happening so give it 2 or 10 mins at the most to complete.

Experience the Webuzo Demo :
Webuzo Admin Demo : http://demo.webuzo.com/
Webuzo Enduser Demo : http://demo.webuzo.com/enduser/
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