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A Sharktech VPS is a great solution for web hosting when a shared server is a little too small, but you're not quite ready for a full dedicated server. You can host unlimited domains on a VPS, and it's a lot more flexible than shared hosting. On shared hosting, you're limited to the software versions selected by the host for the shared server. On a Virtual Private Server, if you want to change those software versions, you're able to. Another reason for using a VPS instead of shared hosting is that VPSs are a bit more secluded that shared hosting. On shared hosting other users can very easily consume an unfair share of system resources, harming your sites' performance. Upgrading to a VPS will help curb, if not completely eliminate any problems from resource hogging neighbors.

All servers include 40 GBPS DDOS PROTECTION for FREE! Our servers are NEVER OVERSOLD.

$295/year!! Coupon: 50annual4096 Perfect for hosting games!
4 Cores
220GB SDD disk space
100 Mbps Public Network Uplink
Regularly priced at $590/year
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Our Story
In the late nineties, Tim Timrawi witnessed the arrival of a new cyber threat: DDoS Attacks. Having already worked in the hosting industry for four years, Timrawi immediately realized the potential of DDoS attacks to both hinder Internet traffic and, in time, only increase in scale and disruption. Noticing a lack in the market for DDoS protection services, Timrawi founded Sharktech, which was the first hosting firm to provide DDoS filtered IPs at a low price as well as to pioneer the low-cost DDoS mitigation industry.

After a decade of business growth and concentrated development, Sharktech offers businesses a complete package of high-transfer server hosting and managed services at affordable prices in three geo-diverse data centers, in addition to its DDoS protection services.

Today, Sharktech employs the most advanced DDoS protection solutions, comprised of layers of in-house engineered network equipment, hardware and software. Compared to competitors—who often require the detection of an attack, followed by the redirection of traffic through a scrubbing center—the Sharktech DDoS protection solution is always-on and does not require intervention.


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